Sexual Assault Resources at Normandale

Normandale Dean of Students Office

Dean of Students: Jason Cardinal
Contact Information:; 952-358-9462; C 1110
If you need to report a sexual assault incident you can fill out an “Incident Reporting Form” which can be found on the Dean of Students website or you can contact the Dean of Students through phone, email or by dropping in the office.

Normandale Counseling Center

Contact Information:; 952-358-8261, C1032
You can report a sexual assault incident to one of our trained counselors. If you need assistance with discussing this very personal issue with a confidential source our counselors can help or they can refer you to appropriate community resources.

Normandale Public Safety Department

Director of Public Safety: Erik Bentley
Contact Information: 952-358-8274; F 1250
You can report a sexual assault to Normandale's Public Safety Department. The staff members can assist with any immediate medical needs that should be addressed, as well as helping sexual assault victims get in contact with proper police and medical authorities if needed.

Normandale Human Resources Department

Chief Human Resources Officer:  Dionne Doering
Contact Information:; 952-358-8269; L 2775
You can report a sexual assault to the Human Resources Department. If one or more of the individuals involved is an employee of Normandale, it is suggested that reports of sexual assault are made to Human Resources.

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