The purpose of the Normandale Sexual Assault Response Protocol is to clearly outline the services available for victim/survivors who are associated with the Normandale community. All protocol participants are concerned with the rights of all parties involved in an assault (victim/survivor and accused student). We are committed to working collaboratively to ensure that rights are protected and excellent services are available.

This protocol outlines services available to victims/survivors who report sexual assault, what Normandale’s policy is regarding sexual violence, and what procedures we follow when investigating. This page will continue to be updated as offices and services change.

All members of the Normandale community are expected to provide services and follow regulations outlined by Minnesota State, the College, and federal and state law. To this end, all participants in this protocol understand the need to adhere to regulations regarding confidentiality including those outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA). 

Additionally, all participants in this protocol understand the obligation to notify the college community if an alleged assault involves a threat to the community.

The policies that Normandale uses to determine procedure regarding harassment and sexual violence are Minnesota State 1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education, and Minnesota State 1B.3 Sexual Violence Policy.