About Us

About us

Mission statement

Mathematics is an essential tool for understanding other disciplines and the world around us. The Mathematics Department at Normandale provides a diverse learning environment designed to meet the educational goals of our students. Our curriculum supports the mathematical needs of other disciplines. We help our students develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills forming a basis for success in their careers and future study. We are committed to excellence in teaching and scholarship.

To fulfill this mission,
the Normandale Mathematics Department will

  • provide students with placement information to enable them to register for appropriate mathematics courses
  • offer pre-college mathematics courses to allow students to prepare themselves for college level courses
  • offer the necessary courses for students to complete the mathmatics requirement for a four-year liberal arts, business, or elementary education degree
  • offer the necessary courses for students to complete the first two years of a four-year mathematics, engineering or science degree
  • provide students with a variety of delivery methods
  • make effective use of technology
  • investigate, implement and assess new directions in curriculum and pedagogy
  • strive to provide an environment where all students are comfortable and able to learn