About Us

The Education Training Academy (EdTrAc) was founded in 2005 through support of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. The grant provided funding to develop and implement certain courses and services that would meet the goals listed below. Following the expiration of the grant in 2009, Normandale has continued to support the EdTrAc program to ensure the quality foundational preparation of future teachers.

Components of EdTrac

  • Support for students who plan to teach! We answer questions!
  • A.S. in Elementary Education Foundations
  • A.S. in Special Education Foundations
  • Four-year degree completion from Minnesota State University, Mankato in the South metro
  • Support for transfer to other college and university education programs
  • Coursework that orients students to opportunities in education and certification requirements
  • Future Educators Association Chapter (FEA)
  • Future Teacher Conference
  • Outreach to area high schools
  • Advisory Board with members from K-12 partners and university colleagues

Goals of the Teacher Education department/education Training Academy (EdTrAc)

  • To attract talented and diverse populations into the teaching field by recruiting from underrepresented or non-traditional communities
  • To provide clinical experiences that introduce teacher education candidates to diverse and multicultural education
  • To improve the science, math, and technology preparations of pre-service teachers through new or revised coursework that emphasizes active learning
  • To encourage and support pre-service and in-service teachers and paraprofessionals