Usage & Guidelines

Every piece of communication that goes out with the Normandale Community College name on it is a representation of our brand. The Office of Marketing & Communications has created a number of standard policies and guidelines designed to protect the Normandale brand and make sure it is represented in a professional and accurate manner in all of our communications vehicles.

Brand Books and Style Guides

Normandale's Brand Book

This is the main resource for acceptable use of Normandale Community College visual assets.  32 pages of fonts, colors, wordmarks, photography, logo use and more.

Minnesota State Brand Book

This is a resource for acceptable use of the Minnesota State brand.

Normandale Style Guide

This publication answers most questions about usage in print publications.  Though not intended to answer every question, addresses issues commonly encountered at the college so that everybody writing about Normandale is speaking the same language. It contains recommendations for style as they relate to issues specific to Normandale.

Required Statements

As a public institution, Normandale Community College works to maintain a positive campus environment that promotes affirmative action, diversity, and equal access to all. 

Some printed materials must carry statements that reflect our commitment to this mission and our compliance with certain legal guidelines.

The following statements are approved by the Office of the President and maintained by the Human Resources Office. Any questions regarding these statements should be directed to the Human Resources Office at 952-358-8269.


The following Equal Opportunity statement should be used in all Normandale Community College publications:

Normandale Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity educator and employer.


The following ADA statement should be used on all Normandale Community College publications:

The information in this publication is available in alternative formats; contact Debbie Tillman at 952-358-8625, toll free at 1-800-481-5412 or email


For most Normandale publications, it is customary to end with a general statement about the university and the university system. The standard Minnesota State System boilerplate description is as follows:


Any questions regarding these statements and their use should be referred to the Office of Marketing Communications at 952-358-8192.

Social Media Guidelines

Normandale Community College embraces the importance of social media and social networking as it relates to engaging, promoting and conducting business with students and community members. Joining into blogs, tweets and networks on behalf of the college is a new professional dynamic that goes beyond the walls of campus.

Outside the workplace, your rights to privacy and free speech protect online activity conducted on your personal social networks with your personal email address. However, what you publish on such personal online sites should never be attributed to the college and should not appear to be endorsed by or originated from the college. If you choose to list your work affiliation on a social network, then you should regard all communication on that network as you would in a professional network. Online lives are ultimately linked, whether or not you choose to mention the college in your personal online networking activity.

Official social media sites are created by academic and administrative departments, the College Store, Lions’ Roar, the DeFlores Film Project, and the Normandale Community College Foundation.

Unofficial social media sites are those created by clubs and student groups.

Technical Support
Sites created in Facebook, Linked-In, and other social media vehicles are not supported by Normandale’s ITS web services team.

Click here to download the guidelines for online behavior by members of the college when participating online on behalf of Normandale.

Web Style Guide

Normandale Community College's Web Style Guide exists to ensure consistency and usability in web content presentation and to promote the college branding across all college websites.

Internet content is different from print. One example cited: things like large paragraphs, perfectly fine for print media are just not read by users on internet pages, so content has to be broken down for web deployment.

The web style guide is a "living" document online and is updated when something comes up, is not currently addressed or something changes.

It currently covers:

  • Capitalization

  • Fonts & Colors

  • Formatting Time

  • Images

  • Labeling for Accessibility

  • Linking External URLs

  • Linking Internal URLs

  • Menus

  • Page Geography

  • Paragraphing

  • PDFs

  • Tabled Information

  • Tall Content

You can access it by clicking here.

Web/Media Policies

The following are links to content in the Policies and Procedures section of the Normandale Website: