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Graphic Design

Putting Normandale's Best Face Forward

The Marketing Communications Department can consult with you on the best path to take to produce and implement your printed piece successfully.

We are the keepers of the brand and style guidelines which have been carefully developed to protect the integrity of the Normandale brand.

Need help with signage or want to post an event on the outdoor monumental signs on France Avenue? Please contact our office.

Since we are typically working on several projects simultaneously, it's best to involve our expertise and consulting as early as possible

Before hiring any outside graphic designer or attempting to design your own communications piece for the College, please contact our office to learn about your options.

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Communications Plan outlines the strategy for marketing visibility of the college.

Primary Audiences | Special Target Audiences | Media Strategies | Download Entire Plan


The intent of the Normandale Community College Marketing Communications Plan is to support the mission of the college, its efforts in targeted enrollments and the image of the college in the community. The plan aims to increase the visibility of Normandale’s brand, academic offerings and services to targeted groups. The college is known for its academic excellence and for being a great value to students and industry. Normandale offers a variety of academic and training programs, and also has a student body that is diverse in ethnic, age and educational backgrounds.

Therefore, the marketing communications plan intent is to focus in two specific directions;

  1. Get the brand messaging to the greater community
  2. Target marketing efforts that support the goals of the enrollment plan.

This document is meant to summarize strategic efforts to accomplish these two efforts to market the college.

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Primary Audiences

Normandale’s primary student markets are between the ages of 17-20 and 21-24. The majority of the college’s students come from an 11 mile radius from campus. Those residents predominately live in south Minneapolis and along the borders of Richfield, Edina, Hopkins and Minnetonka and St Louis Park.

Also, the majority of incoming fall students are traditional students; those students that have recently left high school. The feeder high schools, those schools which send us the greatest number of students consistently, mirror the draw by city demographics.

The percentage of draw by graduating class ranges from John F. Kennedy High School at 20.6% to Eagan High School at 2.6%. Within the academic year, the majority of students are transfer students. About a third of all our new transfer students are reverse transfers, those students that started at a four-year institution and transferred to Normandale prior to completing their degree at their previous institution. Their high schools of origin mirror our feeder schools. Therefore, our primary audience is local and either projected or recent graduates from our feeder school system.

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Special Target Audiences

Although the special target audiences are not as large as the primary, they are identified in the enrollment plan as key strategic groups to reach. Those special target audiences we are trying to reach include: 1) students of color, and 2) non-traditional adults interested in career and technical education. The demographics of the college’s service area are changing. The increasing percentage of high school graduates are students of color, which has made recruitment and retention for students of color an enrollment goal.

The adult audience is also one of the primary targets due to a number of key factors. Those include; the development of the Academic Partnership Center, the need to increase adult enrollments in career and technical programs and 30:1 ratio of adults without college degrees in our service area, compared to recent high school graduates. Standard branding efforts will likely reach these markets, but specific messaging in targeted outlets will maximize impressions.

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Media Strategies

The media strategies were selected in consultation with Midwest Marketing Inc. to reach our selected audience with the maximum exposure for the budget of $100,000.00 annually. This was done in the condensed time frame of spring and summer leading into fall term. The strategies include bus king, mall cling, billboard, media and web placement of advertisements. The advertisements were divided into the following three areas:

Out of Home

  • Provides high reach potential that builds quickly
  • Gives the college an extremely cost efficient method based on large numbers of people reached
  • Can be geographically targeted
  • Reaches an audience that may be difficult to influence by other traditional mediums


  • Provides efficient reach of selected and targeted audience
  • Gives the college an opportunity for repeat ad exposure
  • Allows for more detailed copy/messages


  • Reaches a relevant audience
  • Generates awareness
  • Allows for performance measurement
  • Provides in‐campaign opportunities to optimize

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  • To download the entire Normandale Marketing Communications Plan (11 pages), click here.

Media & Public Relations

Elevating Normandale's Reputation

The role of Media and Public Relations is to serve as the official spokesperson for the College and act as liaison between Normandale and the local and national media. We work to secure media coverage of Normandale events and accomplishments, help members of the campus community respond to media inquiries and publicize Normandale news by writing stories for the website on a daily basis.

Normandale's PR and Media Relations is committed to raising Normandale's profile in the national, regional and local media.

If you have an event, accomplishment or potential story you'd like to publicize, please contact our office to discuss your options.


A Snapshot in Time

Marketing & Communications has some basic in-house resources for photography, but we do not have a full-time photographer on staff.

If professional photos are needed for your project or event, we can put you in touch with one of our recommended photographers and can help coordinate any photo shoots.

You should have a clear vision for how the photos will be used in your communications plan before investing in professional photography.

Our office also maintains a photobank of high-resolution, approved Normandale imagery for use in publications and online. We will provide you with images upon request and will accept high-quality, high-resolution, Normandale-related images for inclusion in the photobank.

We would also be happy to meet with any student, faculty or staff member interested in taking photos for Normandale or for our office's various projects.

Contact us with your photography needs.


Small Signs
Small Sign Example: DIY

Create your signs using our ready-made templates found on the DIY page.  Dimensions are 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17”, portrait or landscape orientation.

« 11x17 sign example

Poster Example
^ 20 x 30 poster example

For larger poster-sized signs (e.g 20” x 30” or 24” x 36”), send us a pdf of your design via email.  Maximum total print quantity is 10 posters. 

Please allow enough notice for printing as each poster takes several minutes to print. 

If you need assistance designing a poster, please submit a request via the online marketing request allowing 3 weeks for completion.

Outdoor France Avenue Signs
Outdoor France Avenue Marquee Signs to Normandale

The outdoor France Avenue Marquee signs are another channel to post events at Normandale.

Keep in mind, your message must be 31 characters or less (including spaces) to fit the electronic screen.

Please contact our office if you have an event to post or a poster need.

« Photo by Pete Sieger

Web Communications

Where Marketing Meets Technology

The primary role of Web Communications is to manage Normandale's public website, www.normandale.edu, focusing on the content and messaging, the organization and presentation of information, and the imagery and visuals.

Web Communications ensures that Normandale's messages and imagery are consistent throughout the website and other digital marketing media (social media, etc.). We also help internal clients improve their web presence, reach external audiences with web-based tools and leverage digital strategies to achieve their communications goals.

We can also help you interpret the web analytics for your area and suggest ways to improve traffic and effectiveness.

You can contact us with any questions regarding the Normandale website and we'd be happy to assist you in finding answers and solutions.