Normandale Community College

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Name Phone Email Room Title
Tom Burgess 952-358-8881 Email F 1246 Instructor
Headshot of Anne Byrd
Anne Byrd 952-358-8495 Email F 1217 Instructor
Headshot of Sean Byrd
Sean Byrd 952-358-8854 Email F 2206 Instructor
Annie Cady 952-358-9280 Email F 2243 Instructor
Kathleen Coate 952-358-8617 Email L 1793 Instructor
Headshot of Paul Coate
Paul Coate 952-358-8372 Email C 2078. Instructor
Jason Gonzalez 952-358-8639 Email NULL Instructor
Amanda White 952-358-9352 Email F 2239 Instructor