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A quiet Labor Day in the backyards of a small Kansas town is disrupted by the arrival of young Hal Carter, a whirlwind of charm and trouble, who is visiting his fraternity brother for the weekend. In a place defined by its fragile hopes for the future, Hal's energy cracks open new possibilities for those he encounters. By the time the weekend is over, lives are changed and hearts are broken for the tough, genuine, and vulnerable townspeople left behind. At times beautiful and brutal, Picnic explores the longing, desire, and oppression of mid-century Midwestern life.

When conventional Agnes Evans loses her younger sister, Tilly, in a car crash, she must confront the fact that she knew precious little about her eccentric sibling. Filled with guilt, Agnes discovers Tilly's Dungeons & Dragons notebook, which sends her on a journey into her sister's lively imagination. In Tilly's world, Agnes must confront not only the monsters of the game, but also those of her own making. A fantastical celebration of geekdom, She Kills Monsters is an action-packed comedy with heart. Adult themes and content. Not recommended for children.

In a popular beauty salon in Louisiana, sassy Truvy and her nervous assistant Annelle tend to a colorful batch of clientele, including a pair of wealthy eccentrics with night and day personalities, a supportive but concerned mother, and a spirited daughter who longs to begin the next chapter of her life. The women trade advice, snappy comebacks, and lots of laughs, but the strength - and beauty - of their friendship is revealed when one of their own experiences a devastating loss. Inspired by the playwright's own family tragedy, Steel Magnolias is a heartfelt tribute to the connections that bring us comfort, smiles, and laughter in the face of life's ups and downs.

In a 19th century German village, a group of students ask too many questions, make huge mistakes, and force the adults in their lives to reexamine the things they teach. Exploring morality while embracing sexuality proves to be a balancing act for the town's young people, as they embark on the same timeless journey from adolescence to adulthood as those who came before them. Based on the 1891 novel by Frank Wedekind, Spring Awakening is a rock musical that uses a driving and unforgettable score to celebrate discovery, rebellion, and finding one's own way.Adult themes and content. Not recommended for children.

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