Mission Statement

The Humanities division is comprised of Art, English, English for Academic Purposes, Music, Reading, Theatre and World Languages and provides a foundation of general education on which our students can build an academic major. 

The foundation of general education within this division includes:

  • Skills for a life of critical thinking, reflection, research and effective communication.
  • Understanding appreciation and active participation in intellectual, artistic, cultural, linguistic and personal creativity.
  • Challenges that develop new insights about self understanding and about how the self is able to interact with others in relationships both personal and communal.
  • Motivation to be informed, responsible citizens in a representative democracy.
  • Awareness of the human condition in all its diversity and in the contexts of history.
  • Confrontations with issues of social responsibility, human rights and dignity.
  • Fostering knowledge, awareness and desire for continuous learning.
  • Appreciation for the myriad of languages and cultures in our world.

Dean of Humanities

Jeff Judge, Dean of Humanities

Department Chairs

Martha Wittstruck, Chair of Fine Arts

Eric Mein, Chair of English

Aaron Moe, Chair of Music

Jan Bayer, Chair of Reading

Anne Byrd, Chair of Theatre

Heidi Kreutzer, Chair of World Languages


Fine Arts Building

Office F 1264

Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.