Health Sciences Core

About the Health Care Core Curriculum

The Health Care Core Curriculum is a series of entry-level courses for the student with an interest in health care but with little or no experience. The student will be introduced to entry-level concepts containing necessary information for all health care workers. Emphasis is on awareness of client needs and basic skill development. The courses are competency-based and may be taken in any order.

Courses available in the Healthcare Core Curriculum include:
Course Course Name Credits
HCCC 1000 Health Career Exploration  0
HCCC 1010 Behaviors for Success in Healthcare Settings 0.5
HCCC 1020 Communications in Healthcare Settings 1
HCCC 1030 Awareness and Sensitivity to Client Needs 0.5
HCCC 1040 Respecting Client and Staff Diversity 0.5
HCCC 1050 Healthcare Safety and Standard Precautions 0.5
HCCC 1060 Legal Issues in Healthcare 0.5
HCCC 1070 Healthcare Ethics 0.5
HCCC 1080 Nursing Assistant Skill Set 2
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Betty Blazer
Health Sciences Enrollment Manager