Normandale Community College

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Name Phone Email Room Title
Headshot of Heidi  Ahlgrim
Heidi Ahlgrim 952-358-8489 Email S 2347 Instructor
Headshot of Gale  Chovanec
Gale Chovanec 952-358-8370 Email S 2344 Instructor
Headshot of Jodie  Entinger
Jodie Entinger 952-358-8692 Email A 2569 Instructor
Headshot of Rachel  Kashani-Legler
Rachel Kashani-Legler 952-358-8711 Email A 2525 Instructor
Headshot of MaryBeth  Kensek
MaryBeth Kensek 952-358-9055 Email A 2525 Instructor
Holly Knutson 952-358-9254 Email NULL Instructor
Headshot of Carol  Larsen
Carol Larsen 952-358-8368 Email S 2305 Instructor
Sanket Nagarkar 952-358-8927 Email A 2525 Staff Dentists
Diane Schaffer 952-358-8734 Email S 2411 Dental Clinic Office Manager
Headshot of Debra  Sidd
Debra Sidd 952-358-8367 Email S 2345 Instructor
Headshot of Megan  Smith
Megan Smith 952-358-8565 Email S 2342 Instructor
Headshot of Stephanie  Zarse
Stephanie Zarse 952-358-8571 Email S 2348 Instructor