Week of 5/14/2017


Updates, Changes, and Additions the Week of May 14, 2017

IT News and Events

Break Time!

There are no classes from May 13th through May 29th. During this time:

·         Campus will close at 9pm Monday – Thursday, and 5pm on Friday.

·         The Help Desk will be open 7:30am to 4pm. Labs will be closed.

·         Instructional Technology will be upgraded in the Chemistry lab (S2364, S2366, S2386, and S2388).

·         Classroom computers will be reimaged in Art Lab (F2295, F2297), Chemistry Lab (S2388), Nursing Lab (S2368), and a few more, which can be found on the project site. The Math Center main area computers will also be replaced with Chromeboxes.



Change Requests

·         #196: Remove Ctrl + Alt + Del Requirement on Windows desktops on May 22.

·         #203: Upgrade lockdown browser on May 24.

·         #208: Deploy monthly software updates to Macs and PCs to campus on May 17, 18, and 19.

·         #209: Upgrade the wireless controllers and access points on Sunday, May 21.

·         #210: Cutover VPN to the new Pulse Secure VPN on Friday, May 26.


Known Errors

Display Issue on MMC Computers
There is a display issue on some Windows 10 MMC Computers that is causing the screen to be shifted off the monitor. Dylan, Tam, Liliya, and Ron are working on finding a solution.


Book Of Knowledge

·         How To Sign into Normandales VPN services off site - 2017 New!

·         How To Sign Into Normandales VPN Services New!

·         Help Desk Printer Procedures

·         RE Guides for Microsoft Windows and Office

·         Employee Email - Mailbox Full New!

·         HR Notification - New Employee updated

·         CloudFaxingHowTo

·         Instruction Printing IDCardwISRSIntegration

·         Instructionon POS Server Access Printer

·         knowledge Management

·         IMAGENOW - Restoring_deleted_document

·         Help Desk Printer Procedures