Week of 08/13/2017

Updates, Changes, and Additions the Week of August 13, 2017

News & Announcements

Increase in SPAM emails!

​​I.T. has been getting calls about lots of spam coming into staff and faculty's email.

Upcoming Dates

  • August 21: First day of classes
  • August 21-24: the Help Desk will have extended hours until 9pm
  • Freeze of non-essential changes: August 14 – 30 

Change Requests

  • 235: Monthly updates for Windows and Mac. The updates will be installed at 11pm for the Pilot group on August 10th, Group A on the 16th, Group B on the 17th, and Group C on the 18th. UPDATE: the updates will be deployed to Group A on the 30th, Group B on the 31st, and Group C on 9/1.
  • 237: Increase available addresses in IP Camera network on 8/17. No user impact.
  • 238: Update DHCP scope for IP Camera network change on 8/17. No user impact. 

Known Errors

 Display Issue on MMC Computers

The screen will shift one inch off the screen. The workaround is to reboot the computer. 

For additional Known Errors, please visit our Known Error Database (IT Only login)

IT Projects

Active IT Projects (Strategic / Institutional) for the Cycle from July 1 to December 31

  • Identity and Access Management (User Provisioning)
  • Enterprise Student Success Platform (CRM)
  • Data Architecture (Data Feed Process)
  • New Card Access System 

More details on the Active Projects can be found on the Employee Portal: Institutional/Strategic Projects. A list of Project Requests can also be found on the IT Project Site on the Employee Portal. 

Active IT Operational Projects

A list of all ITS Operational projects can be found on the Employee Portal:

ITS Help Desk (952) 358-8181