StarID Phishing Alert

StarID Phishing Alert!

September 20, 2017

Normandale Community College has received reports of a new phishing email campaign that has affected some students at some schools throughout the Minnesota State system. We wanted to pass this information along so that you can take steps to protect yourself.

Phishing Attack Details

Several students have received phishing emails with the subject StarID De-activation directing them to log into their StarID accounts to keep the accounts from deactivating. The email messages provided a link to a non-school website asking students to enter in their StarIDs and passwords.   Criminals collected this information from the non-College/University, criminal-controlled website. This stolen information is then used by the criminals to change direct deposit information on record. Direct deposit routing information may affect financial aid or student worker/work-study/student payroll deposits. The system office and Normandale Community College are currently investigating and following up with any possible victims.

An example screenshot of the Phishing email is posted below.  Please note that it will be customized to appear to be from Normandale Community College.

Phishing Example

 Protect Yourself

If you received the phishing email, clicked on the link in the email, and entered your StarID and password, then change your password immediately using

If you did not receive an expected deposit (i.e. financial aid or student worker/work-study/student payroll), or you believe your StarID and password have been compromised as part of this email phishing campaign, contact our technology helpdesk at 952-358-8181 or access our getting technology help page.

As always, be careful when clicking on links in email. Verify that the link takes you to the web site you intend to visit. Even better, manually type in the URL on the address bar.

Steve Winckelman

Chief Information Officer