Spring 2018 D2L Integrations (11/1/2017)


November 1, 2017

  • Spring 2018 semester D2L/ISRS nightly integrations are now running and student enrollments will begin populating into D2L courses 55 days prior to the ISRS semester start date for the spring term (IF the course has been loaded to the portal for early access by instructor request).
  • MinnState has implemented the Sp18 identifier at the beginning of all course titles to easily identify semester courses. (i.e. Sp18 Applied Music/Flute xxxx xx)

Do you need your Spring 2018 D2L Brightspace courses combined? Would you like early access to your Spring 2018 courses to begin developing materials? For information about how to request your combined courses please read on.

Question: Why would I want and what is needed to request Combined and/or Early Access to Spring 2018 D2L Brightspace Courses?

1) If you have a cross-listed course that is listed in multiple departments (i.e. ANTH / SOC / WMST), you should consider a combined course in Brightspace.
2) If you will be teaching three sections of PSYC 1000 (i.e. 10, 11, & 21) and would be using the same materials for all three sections, a combined course would manage content for all three courses in a single course shell. This would save you time.

If you are interested in combining your courses, please submit your request via the AskUs: The Employee Edition (select Click to login in upper-right corner, then use your StarID credentials).   The link is also available from the Employee Portal.

The following information is REQUIRED to create each course. Your request will be delayed if this information is not included in your incident request.

  1. Instructor's Name :
  2. Department Code(s) (e.g. MATH, ENGC, ENGL, etc.) :
  3. Course Number(s) (e.g. 1200) :
  4. Section Number(s) (e.g. 10, 20, 90, etc.) :
  5. Include "2018 Combined Spring course request" in the subject line of your request.

**FYI: Combined requests include an early load so you do not need to submit separate requests for combined or early access. You can include ALL course requests within one ticket. Additionally, you can include multiple course grouping requests in a single ticket. Be sure to identify specifically which courses are to be combined in each grouping and they will be created to your specifications. Please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk if you have any questions about combining courses. This can be done via phone (8181), walk-in, or using the AskUs: The Employee Edition tool.

NOTE 1: To request early access to your Spring 2018 single course(s), you simply create an AskUs: The Employee Edition incident with the above requested information about your courses. Please change the subject line to Spring 2018 Early Course access. Once the information is received, we will make them available for you. NOTE 2: If you do not request early access to your Spring 2018 courses, your courses will be loaded into Brightspace three weeks prior to the first day of class. Non-requested courses will be loaded on December 18, 2017 with the semester starting on January 8th, 2018.   IMPORTANT NOTICE - COPYING COURSES FORWARD INTO SPRING 2018 COURSE SHELLS The Minnesota State domain change will take place on December 27, 2017 when the D2L site URLs will change from normandale.ims.mnscu.edu to Normandale.learn.minnstate.edu follow these guidelines:

  • Faculty can copy courses forward after spring courses have been loaded.
  • Faculty should not set up/create external integrations within a spring course prior to December 27, 2017. (This includes any page or resource that includes the .MnSCU.edu domain anywhere within the website address. If in doubt, ask before implementing an external learning link that may cause your content to fail after December 27th.)

Please submit your requests for combined courses today.

Board of Trustees approve extending D2L contract to August 31, 2023.  Minnesota State will be Migrating to D2L’s Cloud Services.  For more information, visit the:  

Board of Trustees approve Extending D2L Contract