IT Professional Services

Services that are consultative in nature, in contrast to the other categories, which tend to be technology based; these may be a combination of customer-facing and non-customer-facing services. Includes IT training, consulting/advisory services, business continuity/disaster recovery, enterprise architecture, portfolio/project management, and ITSM.

Consultative Services

IT Consultative Services provide guidance on how to leverage information and communication technologies to improve service delivery. Technology can be hosted on or off site (i.e. cloud). This service also ensures that faculty and other course creators have the knowledge and assistance they need to optimize their effectiveness in using teaching and learning technologies.

Event Support

The Event Support Service provides technology support for events such as conferences, forums, and workshops, for both on and off-campus events. It includes audio-visual, sound amplification, computer and video projection, video or audio recording, telephone conferencing, and videoconferencing.

Project Management

IT Project Management Services provide project management and implementation services for projects heavily relying on technology. This is a supportive service for Information Technology Services to manage projects heavy in technology.


ITS strives to provide training services for faculty and staff to ensure that they have the technical knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the classroom. Faculty and staff are welcome to seek one-on-one instruction in person, over the phone, and through email for a variety of topics.