Network, Internet, and WiFi

Normandale strives to deliver reliable network connectivity, wired or wireless, to its users. The Network/Internet/WiFi service provides design and maintenance of infrastucture items required to offer wired and wireless network connectivity.

Service Categories

  • Support and Troubleshooting
    Normandale ITS provides connectivity troubleshooting for connecting to its wired and wireless networks.
  • Wired Access
    Wired Access is provided for all Normandale managed devices, including instructor stations, classroom computers, student computers, and faculty and staff workstations.
  • Wireless Access
    WiFi access to the internet is provided to all faculty, staff, students, and guests of Normandale Community College for both Normandale and personal devices through various SSIDs.

Services Included

Ensure connectivity for wired/wireless devices on Normandale Community College campus.

Available to

Faculty, Staff, Students, and Guests of Normandale Community College