Infrastructure Systems Services

Enterprise-level hardware, software, systems, and network infrastructure that provide underlying support for institutional activities. Includes data centers, network backbone, wireless, central storage and system backup solutions, server virtualization, and systems management and operations.

Network, Internet, WiFi

Normandale strives to deliver reliable network connectivity, wired or wireless, to its users. The Network/Internet/WiFi service provides design and maintenance of infrastucture items required to offer wired and wireless network connectivity.

Remote Access

Remote Access to Normandale Servers and Services is provided to personal home computers and Normandale-owned laptops. Remote Access allows faculty and staff to securely access the Normandale campus network when you are not on campus.

Server Technology

Server and Storage Services provide the necessary provisioning, hosting, and administrating both physical and virtual servers as well as the back-end technology and services required to maintain core storage and backup capabilities for structured and unstructured content.