Checkout Devices

Checkout Devices are offered as a service to be loaned to classrooms or individual employees on an as needed basis. Checkouts are limited to 3 business days for Windows Laptops and 5 business days for iPads. Extensions may be possible depending on circumstance.

Service Categories

  • Windows laptop checkouts for Faculty and Staff
  • iPad carts for classrooms
  • Chrombook carts for classrooms
  • Windows laptop carts for classrooms

Services Included

Checkout Windows Laptops or iPads for individuals; Facilitate and delivery of Checkout Chromebook carts/ iPad Carts (Ed Tech Carts) for classrooms. Also other classroom technology and related peripheral devices like microphones, voice recorder, clickers and Conference Phone.

Available to

  • Normandale Faculty
  • Normandale Staff

Service Maintenance Window

Maintenance of devices will occur as needed; typically when not in use unless there is no other option.