Endpoint Computing Services

Services that enable community members to do their day-to-day work, including providing access to enterprise services. Includes network access, user file storage, end-point computing backup solutions, desktop virtualization, computer labs, and printing.

Checkout Devices

Checkout Devices are offered as a service to be loaned to classrooms or individual employees on an as needed basis. Checkouts are limited to 3 business days for Windows Laptops and 5 business days for iPads. Extensions may be possible depending on circumstance.

Computer and Device Support

This service provides support for Normandale end-point devices and associated operation system and application software. This includes Windows, Mac, and Chrome operating system and device support and a range of applications, both for in the classroom and for administrative functions.

File Storage

Storage space can be used by individuals and departments for file storage and sharing.

Login: User Account Management

Identity and Network Access Management Services handle all tasks associated with managing user accounts. This service also ensures security, appropriate authentication, and provisioning of network access.

Printing and Faxing

The Printing and Faxing service provides copy, scan, faxing and printing services to our end users. This services includes applications for managing these services, including uniFLOW and Flydoc.

Software Distribution

The Software Distribution and Support Service provides support for applications installed on endpoint devices, including troubleshooting, usability assistance, product updates, and migrations for major releases of software; and the delivery and installation of software to the endpoints including software licensing, license servers, and self-service software deployment.