Self-Migrating Data

Some data is not migrated during our move to the Minnesota State Unified Tenant.

  • If you last attended classes before January 1, 2017, your data will not be automatically migrated. You will have to manually migrate it yourself.
  • If you last attended classes after January 1, 2017, your emails and OneDrive content will be migrated. Information stored in other Apps will not be migrated. This includes Sway, Stream, Video, Flow, and more.

Below are instructions for self-migrating the data:

  1. Conversations (email)
  2. Calendar
  3. Documents (OneDrive)
  4. Notebook (OneNote)
  5. Sway
  6. Forms


In the Teams App: Expand any conversations you want to keep so that parts of the thread aren't hidden. Select a portion of text, press Ctrl+A to select all, then Ctrl+C to copy. Right Click, Paste Special in word (Keep text only).

Also see, Forward multiple messages as a combined single message


Exporting is possible, but Importing is not currently supported. Items will need to be re-created manually. See "Export Your Team Calendar.docx" for more information.

Documents (OneDrive)

In source site, click Documents in left navigation and select all items. Choose Download to download all the selected documents, and select a local location to store the zipped File.

Import: After downloading the zipped file, extract it to a local folder. In destination site, click Documents in left navigation. Click Upload, Folder, and choose the folder containing the extracted contents.

Notebook (OneNote)

Move a OneNote for Windows notebook that you've shared with others


Duplicate Sway Projects to Your New Office 365 Account


Duplicate Office 365 Forms to Your New Office 365 Account