Administrative and Business Services

Administrative and Business Services provide enterprise and local services that support the administrative and business functions of an institution. Includes analytics, business intelligence, reporting, finance, human resources, student information systems, advancement, research administration, and conference and event management.

Document Imaging and Management, Enterprise Content Management

Using ImageNow / Perceptive Content, the document imaging solution provides management support for electronic content, such as documents, files, and photos. ImageNow / Perceptive Content also allows automated workflows to increase efficiency and productivity.

Reporting and Data Services

Reporting and Data Services is a range of data and analytic services that support the college in administration and assessing learning outcomes. They include business intelligence platform services including data storage, such as warehouse, datamarts and other operational data sources; visualization development, such as charts, reports, graphs, and dashboards; data-driven informed decision making; managing data sources includes hosting and administrating databases, datastores, datamarts or datalakes.

Student Information Systems

Student Information Systems Services support admissions, enrollment, registration, orientation, financial aid, student accounts and collections, advising, and career services.