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TurnItIn Quick Start

We now have Turnitin! There are three components to the suite of tools: OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, and PeerMark.

All three software programs are EXTREMELY easy to learn and to use! I have attached a “quickstart” guide for those of you who would like to explore Turnitin on your own. You can also view their online training videos from their TurnItIn Training Site.

For those of you who prefer a workshop setting, please watch for the Chalk & Pixels newsletter for future classroom sessions.

Please send Sue Tischendorf an email to schedule a one-on-one session.

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MediaSpace Weekly Update

Question: How do I share a video using a direct link with students or others?

Answer: Due to the security parameters involved in direct linking, sharing a standard direct link is currently available to those with logins to MediaSpace. Using the embed code method to share allows for sharing without logging into Mediaspace. Once all students are assigned StarIDs, we will have the ability to add them to the system with "view only" rights. This will allow for easier sharing in a secure environment. Until this time we have developed a workaround for direct sharing.

Current workaround: To share a video with a direct link. 1. Open the video in Mediaspace. 2. Click on the Publish tab. 3. Select "Publish in Channel" 4. Select the channel called "Open Channel for Direct Link Sharing". This should allow you to share the direct link and make it viewable.

Question: I'm having issues with viewing or embedding videos in D2L. Why is there a blank screen where a video should be?

Answer: This issue is not specifically a result of a Mediaspace issue, but is an issue with mixed content being displayed in recent browser releases. This issue might happen with other embedded or linked content in Desire2Learn. Please see the following.

Please share these changes to the web browser security that affects Content viewing in D2L to your students and staff, using every opportunity to educate them about this.

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MinnState D2L FAQs

With all change comes confusion, frustration, and disillusionment. To alleviate this, the MnSCU System Admins for D2L have been working to create FAQs to demonstrate how to perform certain tasks to manage your course features and functions. These FAQs give aid in the use of the Assignment, Manage Files, Content management, and more. To access these helpful TIPS, click here.

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Hoonuit (Atomic Learning) is HERE

Hoonuit is an online and on-demand training solution that provides software and technology training and support opportunities. With Hoonuit, you will learn software technology to enhance your teaching and offer additional learning opportunities for all. Hoonuit is dedicated to short 2-3 minute video clips to teach users individual features of many different software products. Students and staff can embrace technology and develop critical skills for success at school, at work, and in life.

To access Hoonuit, go to and use your Normandale StarID credentials to log in. NOTE: Hoonuit is available both on and off campus.

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