Normandale Community College

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Name Phone Email Room Title
Headshot of Corrinne Bedecarre
Corrinne Bedecarre 952-358-8302 Email A 2529 Instructor
Linda Canzanella 952-358-8740 Email A 2508 Instructor
Stephen Donaho 952-358-8301 Email A 2510 Instructor
Carl Hammer 952-358-9353 Email A 2525 Instructor
Jaime Hoffman 952-358-9153 Email A 2525 Instructor
Shay Logan 952-358-8200 Email L 1755 Instructor
John Olson 952-358-8457 Email A 2509 Instructor
Ian Stoner 952-358-8200 Email NULL NULL
Carissa Wyant 952-358-8961 Email A 2525 Instructor