Normandale Community College

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Name Phone Email Room Title
Headshot of Victor Alicea
Victor Alicea 952-358-8607 Email P 2833 Instructor
Headshot of Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson 952-358-8396 Email P 2831 Instructor
Headshot of Larry Borgen
Larry Borgen 952-358-8339 Email P 2835 Instructor
Headshot of Dan Creed
Dan Creed 952-358-8689 Email P 2823 Instructor
Kevin Halvorson 952-358-9296 Email P 2820 Instructor
John Hanson 952-358-8919 Email P 2820 Instructor
Headshot of Dale Hommes
Dale Hommes 952-358-8667 Email P 2834 Instructor
Tiray Johnson 952-358-8200 Email P 2820 Instructor
Michael Kirch 952-358-8164 Email P 2826 Dean
Headshot of Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller 952-358-8717 Email P 2820 Instructor
Mark Nagel 952-358-8272 Email P 2820 Instructor
Headshot of Brandon Supernault
Brandon Supernault 952-358-8335 Email P 2835 Instructor