Student Testimonials

Justin Kurta
Anthropology trains your mind to observe and question how and why people are the way they are. In learning how to question others from a non-ethnocentric point of view, you learn to question yourself in the same way and to step farther back and observe yourself.  Anthropology mirrors fundamental human longings and needs so that you can take a solid look at them.

We have all had a thirst for this kind of knowledge for thousands of years, and we have developed community and ritual to satisfy it. Anthropology helps us connect with ourselves and each other in a deep way.

Christina Pettit

My name is Christina Pettit and I am working towards my Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis on Archaeology. Over the last year, I have taken a half dozen courses from the Anthropology Department, and there are a dozen more I would love to take! The variety of classes available at Normandale far surpasses those at other community colleges. In addition to learning about a wide variety of subjects, I believe that the faculty in this department are some of the best. Their levels of enthusiasm and knowledge about their subjects makes for engaging, fun and informational classes. In addition to the offered courses, there are outside opportunities to learn more about the field of Anthropology. Some classes offer a special presentation by an expert in the field, this year I attended a travel course (an archaeological tour of Ireland and England) and every year there is an Anthropology Day Film Festival that highlights several documentaries about various cultures.

My experiences with anthropology have changed my life and how I perceive the world. I have learned about the history of civilization and medical anthropology; I have toured ancient ruins only read about in class and I believe that the opportunities available in this field are endless and applicable to so many other areas of study. I am confident that I will enter my next step knowing that I am extremely well prepared and ready for the next adventure!  

Tammy RoitenbergTammy Roitenberg
The Instructors in the Anthropology Department head up one of the most fascinating, educational, and enthusiastic departments! Interested in learning about hominid and human prehistory, visiting museums, or going on archaeological digs? Then choose from the full list of Anthropology classes offered for this coming semester, including the Field School, like I did, and I guarantee you will enjoy this fabulous learning environment! Sign up today!

Dawn WhitneyDawn Whitney - Normandale College Anthropology student testimonial
My name is Dawn Whitney and I graduated from Normandale College in the spring of 2010. Early on in my studies, I realized that I wanted to pursue Anthropology as a major. Surprisingly, it was in taking an online Cultural Anthropology class that I made this discovery.  At first I had no expectations whatsoever from the online learning experience, but the interactive quality of the course and the personal instruction received from the professor was first rate. In retrospect, being able to study Anthropology at Normandale has been a rewarding experience.

As you may or may not be aware of, there are two clubs on campus in direct association with Anthropology: the Anthropology Club and the Archaeology Club. It was through being involved with these clubs that I have met some of my very dearest friends and had the most exciting travel experiences.

I was also chosen as the recipient of the Anthropology Scholarship for excelling at my studies and for my involvement in Anthropology at Normandale. This scholarship is rewarded to students that meet certain criteria, such as going on to a four year institution to study Anthropology. I will begin at the University of Minnesota this fall, and will be forever grateful to Normandale for offering the scholarship to ease my way financially.

Katrina Yezzie
Curious about the discipline, I tried an anthropology course during the Summer of 2009. I was inspired by the experience, the remainder of my stay at Normandale was devoted to Anthropology courses taught by a variety of instructors.  Now at the University of Minnesota pursuing a B.A. in Anthropology, I am grateful to the Anthropology faculty at Normandale for influencing and helping me shape the course of my future.