Student Opportunities

Archaeology Club

Anthropology Scholarship

Each year applications are accepted for a $5,000 Anthropology Department scholarship. This award is given to a Normandale student graduating with an emphasis in anthropology and an intention to pursue a four-year degree in an anthropologically related discipline.

Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and have taken at least four courses drawn from Normandale's Anthropology curriculum by the time they receive their Associates Degree.

Students interested in applying for this award are encouraged to contact the Normandale Community College Foundation office or any Anthropology faculty member for additional information about requirements and the details of the application process.

Student Activities

Are you interested in meeting other students that share your interest in anthropology? The Anthropology Department sponsors an Archaeology Club and an Anthropology Club that give opportunities to socialize and take part in exciting extracurricular activities.

These clubs are open to any student at Normandale interested in archaeology or anthropology. In addition to regular meetings, these clubs organize visits to local events, sponsor talks by academic specialists, travel to exotic places, take part in Student Life projects, and host social events for their membership.

Contact Pat Bonnie for more information about joining us.