Stumbling Blocks

Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones...


There are a few majors that have so many pre-major requirements that a college or university may recommend that you not complete the MnTC. It is always wise to check with a Normandale advisor or counselor and/or the specific school(s) for the most current transfer and admissions data.

Stepping Stone Strategy:

Contact an advisor early on in your transfer with your intentions with specific courses in mind.

Holds on Records:

You can't get a transcript because there's a HOLD on it.

Stepping Stone Strategy:

This is one of the first things you should check before you start the transfer process.

Your degree audit is missing courses you have taken:

Most students transfer mid-semester and don't get a follow-up transcript after they have completed that last semester.

Stepping Stone Strategy:

Remember to do a follow-up transcript request after you complete your last semester so the receiving institution has your last courses and grades.

Special Rules:

I need my old ACT scores to transfer?

Stepping Stone Strategy:

Some institutions require a certain number of credits completed (e.g. Univ. of MN: 26 credits completed) in order to opt-out of ACT scores as part of the admissions/transfer process. Ask about any "special rules" when transferring.

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