Normandale's Study Abroad Program

Q1: Can I use financial aid for study abroad?
A1: Yes, a student who qualifies for financial aid may use the aid for study abroad programs. Before a student enrolls in a study abroad program, he or she should contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office to discuss their funding options and the steps necessary to make sure their aid will be in place prior to the program beginning. Please note that not all expenses may be covered with financial aid.

Q2: Do I need to take the course associated with the trip?
A2: Yes. This is the current Normandale policy.

Q3: What do the trips costs?
A3: The cost of the trips varies according to destinations and numbers of credits.

Q4: How do I make payments for the trips?
A4: Payments are arranged directly with the tour company. Please be aware of all payment deadlines.

Q5: How do I apply for a study abroad?
A5: You will need to:- complete the Normandale international study abroad application

  • Complete the health form

  • Complete the waiver

  • Register for the course

  • Register with the tour company

Q6: Could I ever be sent home?
A6: Yes, a student might be sent home if there are violations of the Normandale code of conduct.

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