Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is a great way to host virtual office hours for online courses because you can have discussions and share content with students from remote locations. Web conferencing gives a much more personal approach to online learning and in this day and age, it is a technology which everyone should become familiar with. You can always create a private chat in Desire2Learn (D2L Brightspace) and chat, but often times you need a tool to record what you are saying and to demonstrate content. The following are tools that are often used for web conferencing. Contact ITS Academic Technology divsion for installation, training and access on the use of web conferencing tools that require a purchase or installation. There are many online free and reduced price web conferencing tools. Here is a review of the online conferencing tools for 2014.

  1. YouSeeU - Instructors can use the Virtual Classroom tool in D2L Brightspace by YouSeeU integration.  This tool allows instructors to hold a virtual classroom session or set up video meetings with students.  Instructors can choose to save your sessions and post them within Brightspace Learning Environment as a resource.  Instructors can also use Video Assignments by YouSeeU to creat video assignments, allowing students to respond tyo course materials, or do presentations remotely.
  2. Adobe Connect - This is a purchased product and allows you to share and communication virtually.