Video Creation and Editing

If would like to edit a video such as cutting out mistakes, adding special effects/audio, creating movie trailers, or combining multiple clips into a single movie, expand this item to see a few programs which can help you accomplish these tasks. If you need help using any of these tools, visit the Professional Development Center (PDC) in L1735 or watch your email for times and days for special drop-in help sessions.

Subscribe to the Normandale Online Ed YouTube Channel. Our videos are typically created using Camtasia.

  1. MediaSpace - Cloud-based web service which facilitates the creation and distribution of various audio and video media formats. Faculty, staff and students may create, upload and store media files, which can be linked directly into D2L.
  2. Camtasia - Record videos, use PowerPoint slides, add voice to images, and much more with the powerful video creation and editing tool. Upload your finished product to YouTube or the system sponsored private streaming server called Kaltura. Contact your instructional technologist in L1735 for help.

  3. Animoto - Easily create and edit videos with professional effects and music from your own images. Have students create a collage of images and share as a video.

  4. Dvolver - Want to create an animated movie to embed into your online course?

  5. PresentationTube - Integrate a web cam video and a presentation to embed on the web.

  6. Kahn Academy - Advanced educational videos ranging from mathematics to history are already created for you and available to begin using without creating your own videos.

For help working with video or audio, contact Kathleen Coate, D2L Trainer,