Screen Capture

Screen Capture programs can be used to take a picture of what is being displayed on your computer screen. Using screen captures is a great quick way to explain to students and colleagues what you are looking at on your computer screen. You can use these screen captures in Word or PDF documents or even make them into video content. A variety of computer-based and apps for the the mobile devices are available at little or zero cost!

Remember these are images and should contain what is called AltTags. If you would like to learn more about accessible content, see our Online Learning book, Campus Access: A Manual for Universal Design.

  • Windows 7 Snipping Tool
    The Windows Snipping Tool is built into your windows machine. Click start, Accessories, and Snipping tool to begin or watch this video on how to use the tool

  • Mac Screen Capture The Mac (Apple) operating system has a similiar built-in tool for you to quickly capture content on a screen into an image. Command, Shift, 3 will allow you to take a screen shot or watch this video on how to use the tool.

  • Snag-it Another software tool often used is Tech Smith's Snag-it program for capturing and editing screenshots. This link will take you to the Tech Smith site for demo of the product and tutorials on how to use it.

  • Screencast-O-Matic This is another tool that you use to record a portion of your screen and the program makes your content into a video. The professional version allows you to edit your content and is only available for a fee.

  • ScreenChomp This is an app available that you can make short video recordings using the whiteboard.