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If you decide to use the NorthStar Digital Literacy Assessments, to get results or act as a proctor, an account must be set for you. Email

The following is something you may copy and paste into your D2L Brightspace course and have students use the assessments. Feel free to use the assessments as it matches your needs or contact Online Learning for additional ideas for use.

Technology Education: Online Exams and Training

Would you like to improve your computer skills? These links will take you to an assessment of your Digital Literacy (computer-skills) and provide tutorials to help improve your computer skills to get you prepared to learn using technology.

You may complete the assessment requested from your faculty member or for personal use by selecting either the NorthStar or the Atomic Learning assessment option below (your instructor will let you know which assessment s/he would like you to use). If you need help taking the assessment, the tutoring center can help you take these assessments or you drop by the Professional Development Center, PDC, L1735 and set an appointment to get help taking the digital literacy assessment.

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Assessment Options

NorthStar Assessment

The standards assessed in the NorthStar Digital Literacy Assessment tool:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • World Wide Web
  • Windows Operating System
  • Mac OSX Operating System
  • Email
  • Microsoft Word

Complete the NorthStar Assessment

Atomic Learning Assessment

Atomic Learning is available when you login to D2L Brightspace and then select Resources and Atomic Learning. User your STARID to login. The standards assessed in the Atomic Learning Digital Literacy Assessment tool:

  • Collecting
  • Composing (organizing, manipulating and formatting)
  • Communicating

Note: you will need to use your student email to email the results and training modules will require you to use your StarID for login.

When you take this quick assessment, you then can begin to use the Atomic Learning Tutorials. One way to get to them is login to D2L Brightspace and click the Resources tab and Atomic Learning and login with your Normandale current student StarID.

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Training Options

Free Computer Training: Use your results from the NorthStar Assessment to improve your skills using these Training Modules

Additional Resources:

GCF Free Computer Training is a site that has basic computer training and much more. Visit the site for computer basics training and return for training in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and more software training! Even learn how to type!

Digital Learn is a great resource website and the computer skills tasks  correspond to either the NorthStar or Atomic Learning assessment.

Atomic Learning Login using your StarID. Atomic Learning tutorials and search Computer Literacy

Student Common Tasks VideosThis Youtube playlist will show you Normandale Student Common Digital Tasks, but turn your speakers down because once you get to Youtube, the intro video begins playing!