Audio Recordings

Learning modules and presentations with a person's voice are much more interesting and engaging than just viewing a plain document and can be made accessible with a simple script (transcript). Audio recordings give instructors the ability to go more in depth with their content. A variety of computer-based and app oriented tools are in this simplified list. Always remember to script your recordings and provide them as a transcript for accessible online content creation.


  • Mobile Device Recording (Apple and Android)

Use your Apple or Android device to make audio recordings to share with your students. Apple has a built-in Voice memo tool, located in the Utilities section. Smart Voice Recorder is an Android App that is easy to install and easy to export. Read this article for more Android Apps for Voice Recording. Hands down, this is the easiest way now to make a quick voice recording!

voice memo in utilities apple

The free app version of Dragon Dictation only allows for one-minute of recording, but the purchased version allows for longer. This application is available for both the computer and the mobile device!

There is a fee for this iPad and Android voice recording tool, but allows you to mark-up and add audio to screenshots. Study groups of students could use this on the classroom iPad's and share their notes!

Within D2L Brightspace, you will find you can leave audio and video feedback for students. There is an App called Assignment Grader that allows you to also do this from your iPad!

This is used to take your PowePoint Presentation and discuss your topics simply and quickly. You can add a transcript for making this accessible. For your office computer, contact the ITS helpdesk at 8181 to have them install this terrific tool and watch those PowerPoints wake up your students!!

This is a subscription paid tool that you can add voice and text to an online presentation. The link takes you to the licensing. Active learning example activity: Insert images and have students post in text and audio the name of the parts of the cell.