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@pps for Instructors

If you had a chance to join any of the Duty Day sessions, you would have been exposed to some for your productivity and some for great learning events in the classroom. Dragon Dictation, Wiggio, Kahoot, Socrative, EasyBib, Prezi, ScreenChomp, and Audio Note topped the list for easy to get started using as a app or some as a web-based option. Chromebooks, iPads, and BYOD (bring your own device) options were discussed. Enjoy the @apps for instructors site to explore a host of more free apps you can get started using!

The Learning Activity Library in D2L Brightspace

On the home page of your course, click the “Edit Course” link in the upper right navigation bar, then on “Learning Activity Library” under the “Site Resources” heading.

Everything Instructional-Strategy Possible

This website will take you to a hosted site that has links to many other sites.

Instructional Strategies

This website has active learning suggestions based on categories: debate and discussion, learning by doing, quality questions and reflective activities. It also has an overview of cooperative and team-based learning, problem-based learning and service learning. Caution-This site has a great deal of content and you may become lost forever on the web.

Instructional Strategies Library

This website is a comprehensive teaching resources site from the Carnegie Mellon Foundation.

Active Learning Ideas

A variety of sites are available to give you ideas for activities that will help you meet an instructional competency. This website for active learning ideas.

Think you know Instructional Strategy? Play on this site

Suggested Books

Title: The Online Teaching Survival Guide--Judith V. Boettcher Copyright 2010

Title: Teaching for Critical Thinking- Stephen D. Brookfield Copyright 2011

Title: Designing & Teaching Learning Goals and Objectives--Robert J. Marzano Copyright 2009

Title: Understanding by Design: Professional Development Workbook--Jay McTighe Copyright 2004

University of Minnesota Active Learning Initiative

If you would like to learn more about how one of our main transfer institutions is studying active learning and providing valuable research, visit the University of Minnesota's Active Learning website to learn more.