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Successful Students

These links will help you to be a successful online student.

Technology Education: Online Exams and Courses

Would you like to improve your computer skills? These links will take you to an assessment of your Digital Literacy (computer-skills) and provide tutorials to help improve your computer skills to get you prepared to learn online. The links will also show you the non-credit technology courses available each semester and the credit courses that you could take. Talk to someone in the tutoring center if you need further help with D2L or computing skills.

Digital Literacy Definition
Normandale Community College defines Digital literacy as a basic understanding of the use of computers for gathering and using information as a part of daily life in college and the workforce. Students will leave the college with the ability to effectively use email, share files and documents, navigate the internet to find relevant information, present data in word processing and spreadsheet formats, and communicate with the use of their electronic information effectively in the workforce.

Operating System Upgrades

 Your computer uses what is called an operating system to access the software you use on your computer (word processing applications for example). Your various versions of operating systems have security and enhancement updates that may be needed to help your computer perform more efficiently. These links will take you to the latest updates for Windows and Apple personal computers.

Browser Upgrades

If you are experiencing difficulties on your computer, you may need to upgrade your browser (how you view web pages, E for Mirosoft Explorer, orange globe with fox for Mozilla Firefox or the blue Compass for Mac Safari). These are links to the latest versions of each browser.

Software Downloads

When you are accessing various web pages and web content, sometimes you need Flash, or Adobe Readers to get to content. These links are to the typical software needed for your computer to access content that will be used on the web and in your online classes.

Online Learning and Minnesota Learning Commons Information

Online learning staff and faculty participate in state-wide groups to provide better support and training for important issues such as accessible online content and digital literacy.