Online Readiness

Online learning has been around for a long time and research has been conducted comparing a student's "readiness" for online learning with their success in online learning courses. Several common areas and habits or traits have been identified that will likely lead to success. Four areas that help determine online learning success are:

  •  Life Style Needs
  •  Study Skills
  •  Social Needs
  •  Computer Skills

We've developed a self-assessment that will help you decide if your skills and needs in these areas make online learning the best choice for you.Be honest with yourself when answering the questions, and read the explanation after each question to understand why the question is important. (Nobody will see your answers or record your "score".) There are 20 questions in the assessment.At the end of the assessment, you"ll receive a general "score" for each of the four areas that will help you decide if you're ready to take online courses. You will also be given a Resources list that you can use to improve your readiness in the various areas.