Coronavirus FAQ


COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions for Students (Updated March 29, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.) 

Questions about Continuation of Classes and On-Campus Services

Are classes cancelled?

Effective Monday, March 30th classes at Normandale are back in session in online formats. Please check your email and D2L to learn more about course plans from your instructors and find the information you need to be ready. Do not come to campus for classes unless you have been instructed to do so. Classes will continue in alternate formats until the end of the semester.

What does the Governor's executive order to Stay at Home mean for me as a Normandale student?

The alternative delivery modes for classes and services were already compliant with the Governor's directions. Additionally, his order explicitly designates Minnesota Colleges and Universities as "essential" and therefore permits us to move forward so that students can successfully complete the semester.

What is meant by "alternate formats" for classes?

Alternate formats means any number of possible changes to how a class is held, with the goal of avoiding or reducing in-person interaction.  For example, it could mean using technology in a different way or a change in the number of times a class is held.  Because many students do not have adequate access to technology and some subjects cannot be taught in an online format, we are actively exploring a range of alternatives.

Are assignments that were due during the weeks of March 16 and March 23 still due?

Assignments that were due during the week of March 16 and March 23 are due the week of March 30 when classes resume. Faculty have been working to modify syllabi so that remaining work can be accommodated over the remainder of the semester.  

I don't have access to the internet. What should I do?

Normandale is making every effort to have alternative course formats that work for everyone.

For classes that require greater access to technology, information on access is available to students who are affected. There are a number of no-cost and low-cost options that internet companies are offering to students. 

In addition, the Normandale Computer Lab (College Services, 3rd floor) will be open Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting on Monday, March 23 for students who are in need of internet access for college-related purposes.  The lab will be configured to meet social distancing guidelines.

If I come to campus, what do I need to know?

The campus is open only to students and employees, not the general public, so only one door will be accessible - the main door into the Fine Arts building (near front parking lot #2 and the bus drop-off).  A Public Safety officer will monitor the entry and ask you to show them your student ID. They will assist you to find the services you need.

What on-campus services are available?

Most student services and resources have moved to alternative delivery formats (online, email and phone) and are available from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.  Please visit specific department websites for more information as well as the Student Resources During COVID-19 guide on the Coronavirus Information homepage.

Services that will remain available on campus include:

  • Campus Cupboard - Open 8am-5pm M-F, now located in the Office of Students with Disabilities (L2750) inside of the Library
  • Library - Open M-F 8am-5pm
  • Computer Lab - Open M-F, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in College Services, 3rd Floor

Is the Campus Cupboard open?

The Campus Cupboard will be open from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday and is temporarily located in the Office of Students with Disabilities (L2750) inside the Library. Students can come once per day and get up to two grocery bags of non-perishable food and hygiene items.         

Please contact the Center for Experiential Education at (952) 358-8119 with questions.

Additional resources can be found through the Student Resource Center website. (Note: The Student Resource Center on campus is not open.)

Will student clubs and organizations have meetings or events?

Yes. While the in-person events for this semester have been cancelled, many clubs and organizations are working to arrange programming in alternative formats for students. In addition, many of our clubs and organizations will be meeting again starting March 30. Go to the Student Life webpage for additional information, including new Zoom drop-in hours that the Student Life staff will be hosting each week. Continue to check the Student Life webpage and the Roar Student News each Monday for additional updates on programming and leadership opportunities. If you have questions, please contact the Student Life staff.

Will there be a Commencement Ceremony?

Our spring 2020 commencement ceremony will not be held in-person as originally scheduled. Please know that college leadership is exploring alternative ways to acknowledge and celebrate this important milestone for our students. We will share additional information as soon as we have it. 

All of my classes are online. Will I still be charged for parking?

Yes. The College Access, Parking and Security fee (aka parking fee) supports the maintenance and security of our parking lots. It is not a parking permit but rather an expense students and employees share to maintain parking lots and building entrances. State regulations prohibit the use of general fund dollars for these purposes. We do not expect that expenses related to this maintenance will be reduced as a result of moving classes to alternative formats.

Questions About COVID-19 and Student Health and Wellness

Where do I find the most updated information on COVID-19 for Normandale?

Our Coronavirus webpage at will be updated every 24 hours at a minimum, and more frequently as needed.  We recommend you check this page regularly. The website is where all of the information and updates will be posted.

There was a self-reported COVID-19 case by an employee. What did Normandale do? 

Normandale provided notice to students and employees when an employee self-reported a case of COVID-19. As access to diagnostics increases (both through clinical diagnosis or laboratory confirmation), so will the number of positive cases in our region.  We do not expect that we will notify the campus community of every self-report but will deal with individual reports by contacting known contacts of reported cases. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or believe you have the virus, please report this information to the Dean of Students at

What are you doing to help keep us safe?

Normandale’s COVID-19 Task Group is monitoring circumstances closely and receiving guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Our facilities department is spending extra time cleaning buildings and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces (such as railings and door handles). Hand sanitizer stations are provided throughout campus.

How is Normandale making decisions about COVID-19?

We are following the recommendations and direction of the Minnesota Department of Health, in coordination with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

What can I do to reduce the risk of getting sick?

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person to person. Washing your hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds is your best defense against the flu and COVID-19. Avoid close contact with people who are sick, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. For more information, visit the CDC website.

What should I do if I get sick?

Do not come to campus when you are sick. Communicate with faculty or other staff via e-mail. 

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or believe you have the virus, please report this information to the Dean of Students at

I may have been exposed to COVID-19. What should I do?

Contact your physician or medical clinic by phone or email.

What would happen if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus?

We would act on the advice of the Minnesota Department of Health and in coordination with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

I feel anxious about COVID-19. What can I do?

Normandale Community College wants all students, and employees to feel safe and supported. Students who need to talk with a counselor or have questions may contact Advising & Counseling Services at 952-358-8621. 

I am concerned about stigma or discrimination related to COVID-19. What can I do?

A lack of knowledge about how COVID-19 spreads can cause fear and anger. The best way to counteract stigma associated with COVID-19 is to educate yourself by knowing the facts.

Any incidents of discrimination and/or harassment should be promptly reported. More information regarding reporting can be found here.

Can I travel?

All college-related international travel and college-related out-of-state travel through Normandale Community College is suspended.

For more information regarding domestic and international travel related to COVID-19 please visit the Minnesota Department of Health website.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19?

It is important to have access to accurate and consistent information regarding COVID-19. Reliable sources include:

Questions About Student Financial Aid

What happens to my financial aid if classes are moved online or conducted in some other format because of COVID-19?

When your classes are converted to an alternative format, you are still expected to participate. If you participate, your financial aid will not be affected.

Q. What happens to my financial aid if I miss class or am unable to complete the semester because of COVID-19?

If you must miss class, please contact your instructor. If you will be unable to complete the semester, we encourage to you start by contacting Advising and Counseling to discuss your best academic and financial options. If needed, you will be directed to the Financial Aid Office for special circumstances consideration.

I am a work study student. Can I still come to work?  Will I still get paid?  

Based on directives from the Minnesota State system to move employees to telework, we are updating our guidance for student employees.  Student employees should stop working any hours as of end of the day Friday, March 20, 2020.  Normandale will continue paying all currently employed student workers (who remain enrolled in coursework through the end of the term) for their regularly scheduled hours though the end of the spring term.  Additional information was sent to all student workers.  If you have questions please contact your supervisor directly. For timesheet questions please contact


Other Questions

Who should I contact if I have other questions about COVID-19 at Normandale Community College?

Questions regarding Normandale Community College’s response to COVID-19 should be sent to


Student Resources

If you have questions about how to access various campus resources at this time, please click Normandale Community College Student Resources during COVID-19.


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