Fall into Wellness - Free Community Event

FREE Community Event - Fall into Wellness

Come to one or all sessions and explore new ways to enhance your well-being as you sample some of our most popular programs in conjunction with Normandale's 50th anniversary. Topics include:

So You Might Be An Empath? - Beth Jacobson

Find out what your natural abilities might be, get tips on managing your empath health and wellness, and discover ways to further develop your gifts.

From Dreaming to Doing - Cherie Anderson
Got a big dream but not exactly sure how to make it happen? Go from 0airy-fairy day dreams, to practical and effective next steps - not someday, but before you leave this class. And have fun doing it!

Numerology for Personal Empowerment  - Susan Shopek
Explore the significance of your Life Path number—one of the major numbers in your numerology chart—and discover its theme and characteristics. All you need is a birth date.

Awareness Through Movement  - Sharon O’Connor
Reconnect with your natural abilities to move, think and feel through this short demonstration of The Feldenkrais Method. Participants must be able to move independently to and from the floor.

Balance Your Conflict  - Dr. Jody Janati
You can’t change people, but you can change your responses to them. Learn steps to cultivate healthy boundaries with others while maintaining your personal integrity through effective communication strategies that really work.

Re-energize, Refocus, Reduce Stress - Beth Freschi
This experiential workshop will provide you with an overview of simple and effective relaxation and stress management techniques you can use at work and at home.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?  - Dr. Michael DeSanctis
Explore the nature of sleep and how sleep deficits can adversely impact your attention, memory, mood, and behavior. Discover approaches you can use to improve your sleep.

Introduction to Tai Chi - Linda Ebeling / Trish Gonzales
Tai Chi means “ultimate balance or polarity system,” and is used to cultivate physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual balance. Learn how Tai Chi’s balancing nature can help your body come to equilibrium with the surrounding environment and restore your health.

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