Tai Chi "Energy Rechargers"

Here are some quick and easy energy techniques from Dr. Russ Smiley to help you "de-stress" and "recharge your batteries"

  1. Every hour, take one minute and do some slow, deep breathing down to you abdomen.
  2. Before going to bed at night, count the blessings in your life and write them down so that you can look at them in the morning when you get up!
  3. Take your earlobe between your thumb and forefinger and unroll each ear from the center outward &. repeat this a few times and notice the buzzzzzzz.
  4. As you go through your daily life, look for the amusement in all you say and do.
  5. Have at least one good laugh per day (minimally!!!)
  6. Turn-off the television and do some gentle stretching or Tai Chi, then read something inspirational.

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