Spring Forest Qigong Quick Tips

Spring Forest Qigong is an advanced, simple and powerful form of Qigong. Created by Master Chunyi Lin, SFQ takes the overly complicated and sometimes hard to understand techniques of traditional qigong and not only simplifies it but enhances the health effects and allows EVERYONE to participate and access the benefits.

Tip 1: Remember to Breath...

Take gentle, long, deep breathes as often as possible. Do this while driving, working at the computer, or whenever you notice you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, or stressed.

  1. Make your exhale longer than your inhale to help your body let of toxins.
  2. If you feel tired, make the inhale longer than the exhale. This helps to energize the body.
  3. Inhale and exhale through the nose as much as possible

Tip 2: Bounce Your Way To Balance

  1. Stand with your feet comfortably far apart, arms at your sides. Arms and hands are relaxed. Gently bend from the knees and straighten. Feet remain on the ground as you bend and straighten. Keep your spine still, and your eyes looking straight ahead.
  2. Continue this bouncing movement for 2 - 5 minutes.
  3. Bouncing helps to wake up the body and to bring the spirit back into the body. It balances the whole body, strengthens the kidney energy, improves digestion, strengthens the spine, and supports the immune system.
  4. If you are learning something new, or if you are performing an activity that requires mental concentration, stand every hour and bounce for a minute or two. This helps to redistribute and balance extra qi or energy that has collected in the head.

Tip 3: Cup Your Tailbone

  1. Bend over slightly. Bend your fingers slightly so the palm of your hand forms a gentle depression or cup. Use the palms of your hands to gently and firmly cup or tap the sacrum and tailbone. Be sure to cup the entire spine, from the lower back to the bottom of the tailbone.
  2. Cupping the tailbone is so important. Many common and chronic health issues are related to an energy blockage in the spine. Cupping the tailbone helps to prevent and open these blockages. Among its many benefits, cupping the tailbone can prevent or ease the pain associated with headaches, help with weight loss, send energy to the brain to help with mental concentration and clarity, support and enhance memory, enhance circulation, and help maintain joint health.