Muscle Testing

The Art of Muscle Testing Certificate
Muscle testing can be used to test for food and substance sensitivities, emotional imbalances and general pain relief for yourself and others.

Class 1: The Art of Muscle Testing 101
In this hands on course, you will learn how to test four different muscles to ensure that testing can be done with most situations (infants, elderly, injured, medically challenged). The uses of muscle testing is vast, from food sensitivities and general pain relief, to detecting specific areas of self that needs support.

Class 2: Food and Substance Muscle Testing
Experience the basic technique and procedures for muscle testing yourself and others for substance specific sensitivities. Learn which foods/substances strengthen or cause stress to your body. Bring in food, vitamins and essential oils for practicing muscle testing in class.

Class 3: Emotional Balance – Part 1
Learn how color and gentle acupressure can relieve past or present pain and trauma, and even future performance anxiety. Emotional stress can be greatly reduced using techniques as well as general body pain and stress. We will use basic muscle testing to determine where to begin our work and to help determine when our work is complete.

Class 4: Emotional Balance – Part 2
Learn and experience how sound and the use of metaphors (deep spiritual questions) can relieve past or present pain and trauma and even future performance anxiety.