Healing Arts Business

Healing Art Business Practices-Grow a Healthy Business

Integrative health practitioners face unique challenges as small business people and entrepreneurs.  We offer classes to help practitioners tell their story in a way that connects with their clients.

Healing Arts Business Practices

Are you a healer or spiritual teacher, but not sure how to bring your work to the world? Have you thought about receiving money for your healing or teaching skills, but unsure of where to start?

Whether you want to make your passion your career, or are just curious about what it takes to have a personal practice, this series will help you decide your first steps.

Holistic Health Business Strategies

This series is oriented toward current or future business owners in holistic health. Experience successful ways to tell your story, define your products and services, and make the most out of opportunities. This series will help you boost your sales, your networking opportunities, and your positioning, with creative marketing and effective referral programs specifically matched to today's world of holistic health.

After taking the first steps with the Healing Arts Business Practices series, this series will continue you on your journey to success in the Holistic Health Field.

Business Skill Deep Dives

Practitioners may also want to explore our Customer Experience (CX), Social Media for Business, Web Marketing residential courses, and Entrepreneur Boot Camp and Business Plan online programs in the business continuing education section.