Normandale offers continuing education classes for nursing professionals every semester. 


Customized trainings are available for groups of 6 or more (9 or more for CPR).  If you need a topic not listed below, please contact Sunny Ainley, Associate Dean of Continuing Education, 952-358-8806.

Featured Programs

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Nursing professionals may also be interested in our 6-month online Healthcare IT program (MNHIT).  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Department of Education, and independent studies estimate a national shortfall over the next five years of approximately 50,000 qualified HIT workers required to meet the needs of the health care field as electronic health records systems are adopted.

"The MNHIT program helped me leverage my knowledge as a dental hygienist with new skills in IT and training which opened the doors to new employment opportunities. I formed my own company and have consulted in a number of settings, including private clinics, MHA and NCC." - Peggy Cotter, RDH, CHTS-TR

For comprehensive information about the MNHIT program please visit the MNHIT website at

Integrative Health Courses as Continuing Education

Our integrative health courses are designed to meet Minnesota Board of Nursing requirements for continuing education.  It is up to the individual licensee to decide if the content enhances his or her ability to practice nursing.
Our Integrative Health offerings are updated with new opportunities each term.

Refresher Course in Nursing

This course is for registered nurses who want a review and update of nursing skills.  It is designed to meet the Minnesota Board of Nursing requirements for returning to active practice.  The course is 60 hours of study and 80 hours of clinical experience.  Our program is unique in having preceptorship sites prepared for students, and we work with students and health care settings to create new opportunities to fit our students' professional goals.