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The following courses are also available to be scheduled as customized trainings for groups of 6 or more (9 or more for CPR). If you need a topic not listed below, please contact Sunny Ainley, Associate Dean of Continuing Education, 952-358-8806.

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Featured Programs

Healthcare Provider CPR and Renewal

Normandale offers an 8-hour course meeting the Level "C" requirements for health care professionals and students.  Demonstrate and practice CPR and obstructed airway techniques for adults, children, and infants using American Heart Association guidelines. This course also covers using AED.

Healthcare Provider CPR Renewal courses run 4 hours, and include technique updates and hands-on practice.

Digital Radiography - A Discussion of the Intraoral Camera

Digital radiography offers benefits to both clinics and clients. Digital dental radiographs are chemical free, use low doses of radiation and have excellent image quality. The course is taught using Schick sensors, intraoral cameras, and Eaglesoft dental software. What you learn can be applied to any system. Application of digital technique will be performed on simulation skulls.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the Dental Clinic

Electronic health record systems (EHRs) will soon be required for all dental practices. This course offers you an opportunity to navigate through the Eaglesoft EHR and learn practical activities such as charting, treatment plans, integrating digital radiography, scheduling patient education and workflow.

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Become a Power EHR User

Become a Power EHR User Dental professionals may also be interested in our 6-month online Health IT program (MNHIT).  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Department of Education, and independent studies estimate a national shortfall over the next five years of approximately 50,000 qualified HIT workers required to meet the needs of the health care field as electronic health records systems are adopted.

"The MNHIT program helped me leverage my knowledge as a dental hygienist with new skills in IT and training which opened the doors to new employment opportunities. I formed my own company and have consulted in a number of settings, including private clinics, MHA and NCC." - Peggy Cotter, RDH, CHTS-TR

For comprehensive information about the MNHIT program please visit the MNHIT website at

Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Analgesia

This course prepares dental and medical professionals for the safe, effective administration of nitrous oxide inhalation sedation for clinical practice. Students receive a minimum of 12 hours of didactic and clinical instruction, and are required to administer 3 nitrous oxide inhalation sedations as outlined in the Minnesota Dental Practice Act, using fail-safe anesthesia equipment capable of positive pressure respirations. The course is considered a fundamental course requirement for professional development as defined by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry.