Health Care & Medical


Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting

Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)

Integrative Health and Wellness

Our Integrative Health courses are designed to meet Minnesota Board of Nursing requirements for continuing education.  It is up to the individual licensee to decide if the content enhances his or her ability to practice nursing. The courses offerings are updated with new opportunities each term.

Medical Career Courses
  • ICD-10
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Billing and Coding Specialists
  • Medical Transcription Editor
  • Pharmacy Tech

Nursing and Certifications

  • Healthcare Provider CPR and Renewal
  • Emergency Medical Responder Refresher
  • Refresher Course in Nursing

Request for Proposals for Online Healthcare Programs  

Normandale Community College Continuing Education department is seeking one or more vendors to provide online health care career courses. Vendors must have the capabilities develop and maintain current health care education, provide and support a CMS, provide marketing and outreach support and provide customer, student and IT support for learners.  This RFP is undertaken by Normandale Community College pursuant to the authority contained in provisions of Minnesota Statutes § 136F.581 and other applicable laws. 

Accordingly, Normandale Community College shall select the vendor(s) whose proposal(s), and oral presentation(s) if requested, demonstrate Normandale Community College's sole opinion, the clear capability to best fulfill the purposes of this RFP in a cost effective manner. Normandale Community College reserves the right to accept or reject proposals, in whole or in part, and to negotiate separately as necessary in order to serve the best interests of Normandale Community College. This RFP shall not obligate the Normandale Community College to award a contract or complete the proposed project and it reserves the right to cancel this RFP if it is considered to be in its best interest.

The REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL IS HERE. Instructions for delivering proposals, as well as all other requirements and information will be contained in the RFP. 
Proposals must be delivered to Amanda Gustafson, Program Director, Normandale Community College 9700 France Ave South, Room P1820, Bloomington, MN  55431 not later than 2:00 PM CDT, Monday May 26, 2015. Late responses will NOT be considered.

Questions asked:

Q. Why is Normandale requesting proposals?
A. All state institutions must go through the RFP process when they pass a threhold dollar amount per year.  Normandale anticipates that contracts with online vendors may pass this threshold, and is therefore offering a RFP.

Q. Who is invited to participate?
A. All vendors of online health care career education programs.  Contracts may include courses outside of the medical area, but the focus of this RFP is health programs.

Q. Can a vendor only reply to sections 2-5 of the summary of requirements? 
A. From the RFP: Responding vendors must include the required information called for in this RFP. MnSCU reserves the right to reject a proposal if required information is not provided or is not organized as directed.

Q. What does CMS stand for?
A. Content Management System, also known as Learning Management System or LMS.

The Conference Call on 5/18/15
The conference call was scheduled for 1-3 pm on 5/18/15.  The questions took 9 minutes to answer.  The recording is appromiately 9 minutes long.

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