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Learning: The Common Thread

No matter your age or background, learning is at the heart of life's most meaningful transitions and accomplishments. Learning provides opportunities to weave fresh perspectives into our natural talents; allowing us to thrive and prosper, professionally and personally. We are offering courses and programs that are designed to inspire and enrich your life.


Free Events/Information Sessions

Normandale Continuing Education offers a variety of FREE events and Information Sessions designed to connect you with new opportunities for professional networking and workshops to boost your health and life!

Passport to Retirement Workshop

Passport to Retirement - Retirement PlanningA successful retirement doesn't just happen, it takes planning.This course is your how-to guide for pursuing your retirement goals. While there are many ways to learn about retirement planning, this course saves you time by focusing on what today's retirees need to know. Pursue the retirement lifestyle you desire with actionable information from a source you can trust.

Passport to Retirement

Cuba Travel and Learn

CuBa - Travel and Learn
The architecture, art, music, and the cars are just the beginning... Join us and see the revolutionary changes taking place in today's beautiful and welcoming Cuba! This program offers an affordable yet rich experience beginning with a cultural course, taught by Joyce Carey, and culminating with a one week trip to Cuba.

While traveling, you will meet Cubans who work in social services, education, healthcare, agriculture, organic farming and more. You will also gain new and lasting insights into Cuba's remarkable social and natural history.