Expand Your Career

There are career "hot spots" in every industry. You'll find classes, workshops and free events designed to help you match your interests with today's career opportunities.


Normandale offeres Character Strengths that participants will learn how to apply Character Strengths personally, professionally, and with clients, using strengths in goals setting, "hot buttons," and more. Contact us for more information.

Career Development

Take control of your career while bringing direction, purpose and meaning to your work.


Boost your chances of success in your new or small business. Identify the abilities required of succesful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them. Take a peak on some our our classes/certificates that designed to help you develop and gain techniques to successfully manage and market your new busines.

Training & Development

Training and instructional design have become valuable skills for business professionals. Learning occurs in different ways and through various modes. The following online courses are designed to help you deliver content that is engaging, relevant and easily applied.

Workplace Skills

Good commmunication in the workplace is more important than ever, and is critical to your career advancement and success. Get a comprehensive and intensive preparation with skills and techniques you can use.