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"I have used Compression Planning since 1986 and it is the best training I have personally attended in my entire professional career. It engages teams in ways that no other methods can do and is faster than traditional group planning." Peter Hughes, Marketing VP - Business Development Mayo Clinic

Compression Planning

Are Your Meeting Like This? WHY NOT

Compression Planning® is a visual, interactive planning tool that moves TEAMS and IDEAS to ACTION faster!

Join us for three action-packed days of learning, doing, and sharing. You will learn how to generate meaningful ideas and decisions points that are prototype-able, cost-able and actionable the very next day after the institute.

Why does CP work? Developed as a Visual Planning System, CP transforms the concepts of creative brainstorming and  storyboarding into a simple, easy process with great tools and a methodology that drives action.

Is it complicated? NO! That's why it is so effective. It is simple to use, engaging, scalable to small or large, tactical or strategic, and works for both creative and analytical challenges.

Who is using CP? Mayo Clinic, Humana Insurance, General Mills, MN State Colleges and Universities, Hilton Hotels, Habitat for Humanity, Lenscrafters and Normandale Community College.


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