Leading Virtual Team

"Connective technologies make it easier than ever to work, share ideas and be productive despite physical separation. But the virtual work environment also demands a new set of competencies." - Future Work Skills 2020, IFTF

Leading Virtual Teams Certificate

Leading a team is a challenge in any environment, but what happens when your team works in different locations? Virtual teams have increased dramatically as organizations have benefited from the flexibility, but leaders have a unique challenge to keep these teams moving in a unified direction. In-person sessions occur on the first class day only. Register for individual classes for $145 or the full certificate for $495 (a savings of $85). Instructor: Amy Jauman

Class 1: Onboarding Virtual Employees (even if they've worked for you for years)

Set your virtual team up for success from the start with a meaningful and memorable onboarding process that will foster connections between your new virtual employee, you and your whole team! In this session we'll cover what, when and how content should be introduced and supported. Learning about an organization's mission, products and people takes time and this course can help a leader in any industry construct a delivery plan that integrates the right information at the right time and through the best mode. We'll also discuss the critical role existing team members, other departments and even customers play - and how new virtual team members can strengthen and rejuvenate any team. (And if you're working exclusively with existing employees, the techniques can still be applied. We'll also explore the technique of facilitating a "grand reopening" to reboot your current team!). 0.9 CEU, $145

ID: 51345
In-person session -  October 11 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm in room P0806B
Online sessions - October 18 - 25   

Class 2: Coaching Virtual Employees
Providing constructive feedback that is honest, helpful and inspiring can be challenging in any environment, but virtual employees have extra challenges to manage. How can you uncover their unique talents if you don't share an office space? How do you provide suggestions when you don't ever see how they work? In this course, we'll look at specific techniques that can help leaders better understand the unique skills and challenges of their virtual team members so they can more effectively support their success. 0.9 CEU, $145

ID: 51346
In-person session -  October 25 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm in room P2844
Online sessions - November 1 - November 8
Class 3: Time Management for Virtual Employees and Leaders
A remote work environment presents unique considerations for time management - many of which are tremendous opportunities. In this course, we'll discuss a variety of time management techniques and how they can be applied and supported in a virtual environment. Discussions will revolve around the measurement, soft skills and continuous assessment needed to maintain a high level of productivity in any work environment. We'll also explore techniques leaders can use to support and coach remote employees as they explore what approach will work best for their work style. 0.9 CEU, $145

ID: 51347
In-person session -  November 15 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm in room P1844
Online sessions - November 22 - November 29
Class 4: Designing, Delivering and Participating in Effective Virtual Meetings
Beginning with creating an agenda that captures the attention of remote attendees, we'll explore how to design, deliver and participate in virtual meetings that leave the presenter and participants feeling confident they have spent their time wisely. As a group, we'll work through the steps of creating an agenda and then editing it, integrating feedback to ensure engagement and buy-in from participants - not to mention capturing the best information - and finally delivering your message with the best tool for your purposes. We'll also discuss a variety of follow up opportunities that can be implemented to help people continue to benefit from the meeting content. 0.9 CEU, $145

ID: 51348
In-person session -  November 29 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm in room P1840
Online sessions - December 6 - December 13

Instructor: Amy Jauman
Amy is the Chief Education Officer and Owner of Remotely Smart, a virtual company that provides educational support to traditional and virtual organizations. As a speaker, teacher and social media strategist, Amy helps people make virtual connections a profound reality. She bills herself as "an educator for the business environment" and focuses exclusively on supporting the professional development and personal growth of entrepreneurs, virtual teams and remote employees. Amy has a Master's Degree in Experiential Education, a Doctorate in Organization Development and in 2013 she completed a Social Media Strategist Certificate through the National Institute of Social Media